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Shiny Toy Guns

Yes! The Shiny Toy Guns are a really fun and exciting project on the Jackstin roster. We have worked hand in hand with these rock stars since they took off like a rocket ship in 2003. The band has released 3 albums and been nominated for a grammy.

The band member catapulted from the early days of MySpace. We would skin the bands MySpace page to reflect the current album or tour that was going on. We grew the page to having over 270,000 friends. We have built 3 or 4 websites for them and been to hundreds of concerts during their tours. At a point in time we wrote a regular expression to pull MySpace comments to their homepage. That was only done once ever and we dreamed it and made it happen.

Project Details

The challenges, goals, and objectives for this projects have pushed us to the brink of insanity. From very late nights prepping for an album release or converting website visitors to album sales. If you asked us what one project on your list that you have learned the most from it is the Shiny Toy Guns. Extremely fun and very exciting to be a part of their team. Not only are they very good friends the lead singer “Chad Petree” is our sisters husband :)

Client: Shiny Toy Guns
Services: Branding, Websites, Information Architecture, MySpace Skins, Social Media, SEO, Everything Possible