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Just as we did with BriteShot, CooLEDlite was designed and built to be the very best light for its application in ceilings. The next problem we had was in the method of installation. There are many downlight replacements on the market. Not only will they fail early, as they are all up inside the cans and not below the ceiling, they are very difficult to install. Usually the method to install LED replacement downlights requires the use of springs or cumbersome tension clips, which require both hands while being at the top of a ladder. This is not only inconvenient, but it is dangerous.

Project Details

The primary objective for CooLEDlite was to get an E-Commerce website that looks great on all devices. We got to use some of the pre-existing packaging files and came up with the design in-house. We trained the internal team on all Shop Manager functions. We fine-tuned the mobile version, so everything is crispy and snappy. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Client: CooLEDlite
Services: Website, E-Commerce, WooCommerce, Design, Consulting, Information Architecture, Mobile Responsive, SEO, Training and Support