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ClipperJet is a transcontinental luxury travel company bridging the gap between premium-class commercial flights and private jets for travelers flying between Los Angeles and New York.

The team at ClipperJet approached us for a much needed re-brand and website overhaul. They requested us to give the brand a luxury feel, keep the website very rich and simplistic so it will make them soar above the competition. Their goal was to make a difference in their industry and create an approachable experience to clientele that has the budget to use their service.

Project Details

The Primary objective of the ClipperJet project is to generate qualified leads for their Jet service. We accomplished this by re-branding the company, giving ClippetJet an identity that says we are a luxury jet service and completely reworking the website design making it easy for a user browse around.

Client: ClipperJet Inc.
Services: Identity, Website, Information Architecture, Mobile Responsive, SEO