Yogurtini gets hooked up with Flavortini uploader and showcase

We’ve just finished off a cool page that allows Yogurtini customers add their Flavortini creations directly to the website. To build this page we’re using a custom post type that will allow for easy management of these incoming entries with a Gravity Form on the front end for input. Within the page fold we’ve add some easy social sharing tools that allow the page to be share amongst networks. The showcase will be added in the next couple of weeks as now we are just collecting entries.  If you visit your local Yogurtini make sure to take a pic of your Flavortini and upload it to the website! Check it out http://www.yogurtini.com/flavortini/

A Flavortini is an enticing combination of Yogurtini frozen yogurt and toppings that taste great together. yogurtini.com

Flavortini - Yogurtini

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